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Quick and simple lifehacks.

I’m quite afraid that there might be people who will belive in these tips

If there was a show about the Milkoviches it wouldn’t be as inspiring at times. It might be a little too dark.

Jeremy Allen White, Being Mandy and Mickey Milkovich (x)

there is no amount of money you could buy me off with that would keep me from watching the hell out of this show

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Kolarov on the Ami G show 05/27/2014

Can anyone translate?

either way, we’ll just listen to words we don’t understand

I did this very fast so I apologize right now : there are going to be a lot of grammar/spelling mistakes. And I’m sorry I didn’t have the time to “translate” everything. I stopped just before the song around 37 min.

I didn’t translate words by words because it would have take me hours but I tried to make a summary of what they said. I took notes while watching it. But most of it is a “word to word” translation, I just didn’t put all of the “, and I prefered to write “Kolarov” instead of “I”.

8:40 : Kolarov comes in.

The host jokes and asks him why he doesn’t wear his football uniform.

His nicknames are Kole, Kola (it’s funny because this means “car” in Serbian) but the “official” one is : Koki.

Then they talk about the floods in Serbia. Kolarov and The Serbian National Team helped by giving money. And of course he reminds everyone that the people who suffered these terrible floods will need all the help they can get but especially after the floods, to rebuilt their lives, …  The most awful things will certainly come after.

13:00 : they talk about the title of Manchester City. Host : “Was it hard ?”. Kolarov : he thinks that the English league is hard

They listened to Ana Bekuta (a Serbian singer). They listened for at least 10 min to Serbian music because he says that at the end, they couldn’t stand the “English” music anymore, they just wanted to listen to their own so they played Balkan music on their phones.

He says that everybody listen music with headphones but when the Balkan players listen to their music, they increase the volume to the max so everybody listen to Balkan music.

15:10 : And they come back to Manchester City. Kolarov says that MC is one of the 4/5 best teams in the world.

Kolarov says that in Italy, the people kind of “live” football, they “feel” it more than in England. But he prefers to play in England because in this country he says that if you played 100%, no matter if you lost, the people will be happy.

The host asks about his relationship with Dzeko, Jovetic. And Kolarov adds Nastasic (of ocurse !). Kolarov came the first. And Dzeko came the second. And he says that for the ones who came in the club after him, it was easier because he helped them.

He says that he lives outside the city, Stefan and Nastasic live in the city but they see each other often.

17:20 : They talk about Vidic (who plays(well played) for Mancherster United). Kolarov says that in the city of Manchester, he feels like there are more Manchester City fans. United has more fans in the world.

He jokes, he says that during the last matches between these two teams, MC always won : “2/3, 2/3” and he won’t matter if it was more.

The host says that he plays the video game Fifa and when he plays with MC, he likes to play with Kolarov in offense and also with Yaya Toure, Aguero.

Kolarov says that he speaks Italian pretty well, he has a solid Spanish. And the ones who are Spanish, don’t speak English very well so it is easier to speak with them if you speak their language. That’s why he has a good relationship with the English/Hispanophone players.

They’re all friends, because they’re all pretty young.

Concerning football skills : he prefers Aguero, just after Messi.

About Yaya Toure : he is a football star but he is kind of introverted. And Yaya Toure speaks Russian ! And Fernandinho too. So they speak Russian together. Kolarov says that it is good for cry laughing.

Kolarov reminds that the captains are : Kompany, Toure , Kolarov and Hart.

Kolarov says that Vidic is better than Kompany <3 as he played with the two of them.

20:40 : Kolarov loves to play as a defender or as a forward. But he says that he prefer “to attack before the other one attack.

In Serbia, when you do not have a good football “technique”, then they say that you look like a player who should play on the flank. And that’s Kolarov’s position. But as the host says, Kolarov is a good footballer. And Kolarov says : “I’m not Maradona, but I like to play football. Even if he plays on the flank, he loves to play football”.

The host : “does it need luck” to be that successful ?. Kolarov says that yes sometimes, luck is a predominant factor in success.

Kolarov says that he believed in him when he was a kid. He was ambitious even if he was lazy ahah

He says that the training helped a lot and maybe that’s what led him to this success.

24:03 : The host announces that there is going to be a video of all the funny things Kolarov does.

24:23 : Kolarov explains the first extract : MC won the FA Cup. The old man is the mayor of Manchester. And they spoke for a long time so Kolarov decided he was bored and he started to make fun of the mayor. And he did it for 5 min ! The man didn’t see anything.  Kompany finally told him to stop ahah

25:15 : In the second extract, it’s funny because during the interview, Kolarov told in Serbian to Savic  to “fuck off”.

26:20 : Host : “what is your favorite Xmas song ? Jingle Bells ?” ahah Kolarov explains that the people who force all the players to do all these crazy things every year know how much Kolarov “hates” them. Kolarov just finished the training, he was stressed and they asked him to sing. But he was surprised that there was more lyrics than “Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way” in this song ! So he just read it once and came back home.

Kolarov says that he thinks that he speaks English pretty well.  But he must admit that when he spoke Italian (when he played in Italy), he totally forgot English.

28:00 : The host asks Kolarov what he thinks of Aguero’s haircut. Kolarov says that it is “strange”.

28:09 : When Kolarov hit the referee (his name was Sakani). The thing is, Kolarov played another match some weeks after with this same referee and when Kolarov hit two another players, the referee came and asked him to stop this “joke”.

29:10 : The host asks him how he can have such a good left leg and if he would want to have another one. Kolarov says that he won’t mind if he had 3 !

Kolarov says that Messi is the best player he’s ever played with. According to him, Ronaldo is a machine, whereas Messi is pure talent. He says that the fact that Messi is not tall is an advantage because he can move faster : “It takes me 1,30 seconds to turn back, but he is already gone”. He says that Messi’s wage is fair

THE HOST says that he knows that Kolarov doesn’t like the stupid questions like “who do you prefer : Messi or Ronaldo ?” and Kolarov says that this interview is ok, but he always doesn’t know what to answer to “How’s this coach ?”.

32:10 : They talk about the free kick. Kolarov and Balotelli argued : Koalrov shot a free kick some min before and the goalkeeper almost didn’t stop it so Kolarov wants to try again because he feels well. But Balotelli wants to shoot too. And Kompany had to decide. But they stayed friends of course.

33:49 : Harlem Shake. With the mask on the head : it’s the fitness coach. The guy who was pulling the leg is now retired, he was the economy. The two in the foreground are his assistants.

Then the host asks what they do to have fun. Kolarov says that London is the best city. In Manchester (industrial city), during the last 4 years, he went out sth like 5 times. He is tired, he doesn’t want to party. But he does a lot of parties in Serbia when he plays for the national team.

(then they just talk about the singers and they basically sing)

After that, they talked about the National Team.